This is happiness.

So I wanted to update my blog but found that I needed more time to really make a post that made sense so I figured I’d cheat and post some pictures instead. Hahaha. The past few days just has been so crazy. Hopefully, you’d know more about me and my life with this post. I’m talking like I have hundreds of readers but that’s the beauty of blogging, isn’t it? It sure beats talking to myself. 😉

Like the title says, this is just really about the things ans people that make me happy and warms my heart. Cheesy no? Hahaha. Expect a lot more on this blog. 😉

My boyfriend of 4 years. ♥



My nieces because they’re just so adorable!








Books books books. I’d read just about anything.




That’s it for now! 😉 These are just some of things that make me happy and all warm inside. I ain’t difficult to please.


5 thoughts on “This is happiness.

  1. how is the night circus as a read? i’ve been thinking about it but i can’t decide whether i want to read it or not! your pics are the cutest, btw!

    • You have got to read it. I don’t know what you’re into, really, but that book gave me chills, it was so fantastic. The last time I loved a book this much was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. 🙂

      • okay i will check it out then. i got a whole page of books on my website but usually i just read what is good despite the genre. i haven’t heard of jonathan strange and mr norrell. maybe i should check that out too.

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