Rant Night

I can’t stand rude people. I would suffer talking to someone who smells like they haven’t showered in weeks than spend a minute with someone who makes it a habit to make other people feel less about themselves. As much as possible, I try not to judge. I know we all have problems and we didn’t come from the same background and all that. But rudeness is just inexcusable in my book. Just because you have issues doesn’t mean you can belittle people and act like it’s your right to be rude.

Haven’t you met someone who’s just mean to people and when you ask people around you why that person is the way they are, they all just say, ‘She’s got issues.’ It literally makes me want to tear my hair out. Or her hair, better yet.

We all suffer. If I wasn’t such an optimist, I’d say we exist in this world just to suffer. Each one has a burden to carry. Would it be so difficult to try to not add to that by just being nice? Nice is SO easy! And when you’re nice, people around you are nice, too. It creates a chain of niceness that’s just awesome to be in. Plus, you can get away with so much if you’re nice.

I know I’m rambling here. And believe it or not, this all started after I saw a couple of my female friends sharing these “picture quotes” on Facebook about not judging someone until you’ve known their story or walked kilometers in their shoes (why anyone would share these picture thingies, I can’t even begin to fathom) . Fuck that. If you’re mean to me or anyone I know, I will judge the hell out of you. Save your sob story for someone who actually cares.


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