…and the funny thing is, at the first sign of trouble (or gain), people you’ve given your life to leave you like your yesterday’s trash. Like you’re not even worth the trouble. And you think, “What were those years for?” “What do I do now?” And that’s when you realize, when you’re completely and utterly alone, that no one, NO ONE, is responsible for you but yourself. And that the love and care you’ve given to people, you can never expect it back. 

I wish I had a heart capable of forgetting. I wish I had the resolve to turn away from a loved one just because they failed me and hurt me. I wish, above all, that my faith in love will never go away.


4 thoughts on “Break.

  1. May irerekomenda ako sayong libro, baka naman nabasa mo na. “Being Happy” ni Andrew Matthews.
    Nirekomenda lang din sa akin ng coach ko ‘tas sa National Bookstore NAIA ko pa nabili.

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