there is nothing here

not anymore, he said

grasping his chest as if in pain

as if the knowledge of lost love is sudden, surprising

i imagine his heart, a room

filled with light that isn’t  mine

it is empty and hollow

cleansed of me, of us

here, there were no scattered memories

(him, singing in my ear)

(the warmth of his breath on my neck)

like a gallery missing its pieces

my voice echoes when i say his name

filling this strange, lifeless room


i walk with caution

lest i am met with a memory

that isn’t of me

i fight the urge to shout, to break things

understanding how futile it is

in a room as empty as this

i look at him, understanding now

and i try to hold back tears

shed in memory of memories forever lost




there is nothing here

not anymore, he said


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