Thinking about getting new tatts. Is it weird that I feel faint when getting an injection but not at all when getting a new tattoo? I don’t know why this is, but it’s completely illogical. I can feel the need to get inked, though. It’s like an addiction, really. I would never have thought that I could withstand the pain (I have a very low pain threshold) but I was surprised that I did. Here’s my tatt now:


I’d like to make it a full sleeve (I have another star tattoo on my hand). I dunno, it’s kind of weird seeing all these gay guys with tatts now. Back then, when I started getting tattoos, I was one of the few who had them.

Well, anyway, I haven’t really had the time to visit all of your blogs. 😦 Please don’t kill me. I will be there, tomorrow seems a bit more relaxed in terms of schedule and work and stuff.

It’s almost the weekend! Cheers!


24 thoughts on “Ink.

  1. Nice picture you got there.

    Getting a tattoo is something I would do 5 years from now. Long story…Anyway, all I can say is you can withstand whatever pain that gets in the way if you are doing something that will make you happy.

  2. Sining na ito (tat) ngayon. Ito yata yong ginagawa nilang dutdutan. Parang ganyan

    Minsan sexy ‘tong tingnan sa mga babae, saka sa lalaki..depende sa pagkakagawa/design

  3. nice tatt’s you have there. i also wanted to get one. but only one.. i cant make up my mind about the design tho. 🙂 and well yeah, the thought of needles kinda gets to me too.

  4. That looks cool! Having a tattoo never crossed my mind but I really like looking at other people’s tatts. Is it okay to stare at other people’s tattoo for a long time? I seem to have that habit. 🙂

  5. I’m not into tatts nor will i ever get one but who knows?I might change my mind (hey, i’m a girl). I have resolved into getting regular henna tattoos instead. And while I admire my arms and feet with freshly painted henna – it was temporary.

    Got a friend who had himself tatts of his adventure. One leg from Europe adventure, other USA trips, and next his arms for Asian Adventure. He got himself inked while we were in Thailand (where we met). What’s your tattoos about?

    • Hmmm. The words Azelia Jo are my nieces’ names, my mom’s, and my boyfriend’s. The north star signifies my goals. The anchor means that they are the ones to keep me grounded. The steer to remind me that I have control over my life.

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