So… I have been gone for over a week? I remember asking for more work because I was becoming so bored and now that it’s happened, I want to knock myself out. It has come to the point that I go home completely exhausted that all I want to do is just sleep. And I’m never like that. I’d try to spend every minute doing something I love, whether it’s just reading a book or writing. Anyway, I just wanted to take this time to say hi to everyone and I’m hoping y’all are having a better day/week/life than I am. 😀

Before I go on a bloghopping spree wherein I invade your personal spaces and make weird-ass comments, allow me to share some random thoughts. After all, this is what this blog is all about, a medium for me to just let loose. So here goes!

Random Thought Number 1: Self Image

I’ve been too obsessed with this lately. 2 or 3 years ago, I went through a phase wherein I thought I was HUGE and dieted and exercised like crazy but never really became satisfied with any weight loss. I still thought I was fat. And now, I look at my pictures during those days and realize how skinny I actually was (well, not really skinny, but you know, I was way thinner than I thought I was). I know I’ve gained weight and it just makes me crazy. One of the things that I swore I’d have before I reach a certain age is to have a slamming body and time is running out. I kinda feel hopeless whenever I think of this.

Random Thought Number 2: Haunted

The sleep issue is still continuing. I’m beginning to think that I’m being haunted. I don’t know. I just couldn’t get through a night without waking up in terror, thinking someone or something was out to get me. It is terrifying. The only way that I can get through a deep sleep is through physical exhaustion. Can sleeping pills be bought over the counter?
Random Thought Number 3: 5 Years

Not so random, more like something that I think about every other hour. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary this month. I was aiming for Manila but I don’t know how to fit that to our schedule. I want to do something really nice for him, for us. On our 3rd year together, we went to Boracay and nothing has really topped that yet.

Random Thought Number 4: I Hate Facebook

It makes me abhor people I used to think were okay. Seriously. It’s either I find out that their completely jologs or that they do not make sense at all. It’s good that a friend showed me how to prevent their updates from showing on my feed.

So there. That’s it for now.  Off to your pages, then!


11 thoughts on “Random.

  1. what a busy brain you have, my friend! i hope you’re feeling okay though, with all the work.
    1: so how do you feel about your body now? are you close to your goals or what? maybe you should target a weight or something, so it’s more measurable and you know when you’ve reached your target?
    2: just take benadryl.
    3: go to boracay again and try to top the last visit! but if you’re busy, hmmm… maybe do something special at home. like something you’ve never done before?
    4: apir! i hate facebook too.

    • I’ve never actually done that, have a target. Haahaha. I lose weight easily and gain just as fast, so it’s never been a problem before. But I just don’t want to lose weight. I want a hot bod. Hahaha. Just for a month or two. Just so I can say I achieved it.

      * benadryl it is, then!

      * I guess we’ll just go to some beach. 🙂 it’s difficult to plan something when you both have work. 😦

      * hahahaah. do you have one?

      • define a hot bod then go for it. i’m sure you can! :mrgreen: you’ll make time i’m sure. work days are infinite but a 5th is special. facebook? yes, good as dead though.

  2. Why do people hate on Facebook? Just go on an unfriend spree while listening to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Wrong Feels So Right. Haha and for those I can’t unfriend I do Facebook restriction wizardry on my newsfeed. That way I’ll never get to read cringe worthy posts ever again.

    In Facebook’s defense, it’s not the platform that’s stupid. The people on it are. So go ahead! It’s spring cleaner mother fuckers 😉

  3. #1: We all gained weight and you are more confident than me.
    #2: sleep-deprived. drink warm milk. i don’t think you’re haunted. You’re just stressed. 😛
    #3: 5 years! wow…. that’s long. why not go out-of-the-country to top your boracay adventure?
    #4: FB – i have a friend (who un-friended me on FB) who does cleaning every 2 or 3 months and get rid of people in his FB that he doesn’t talk to. And like you, im also irritated with friends who make FB their diary. We don’t care about your pimple. Who cares???

    Anyway, see you around. I know you’ve been in my blog already.

    • Ahaha I am not at all confident. I just don’t care a lot anymore. When I was younger it was all I could think about.

      I don’t like milk though. 😦

      Err. Out of the country is out of the budget for now. Hahaha. 😀

  4. Here, here re Facebook and yes, it is the people not the product but really… being a “mature” age woman I am constantly surprised by the number of women who, based on general appearances seem quite intelligent until they go to… Facebook!

    Why do they honestly believe the number of “friends” on FB are all their “good friends” UNTIL you make a comment regarding one of their FB posts then they look at you with that look that says “who betrayed me? who told you my personal information?” Seriously? Don’t they understand unless you choose otherwise EVERYONE knows your business, good grief!

    5th Anniversary – congrats – very special! Our back up for anniversaries when time is short is 5-stars and GREAT room service – sometimes when life becomes so busy one night of utter decadence can seem like bliss 🙂

  5. I’ll comment on thought no. 1.

    Like you, I was once like a pole as I have a pretty straight yet thin body. That was in 2005. So when I got a job, I enrolled in the gym. I worked out religiously. I never stopped. Until I was able to infused that discipline into my system and the byproduct is a lean body. I soon incorporated yoga into my workout because I know as the body gets used to the same work out, it will wane. It is for this reason that I incorporated yoga into my workout.

    Since 2007, I do muscle confusion to maintain. That is, juggling all the routines I learned from weightlifting–with occasional yoga poses. Luckily, the form stayed up to now.

    The point: Don’t stop working out because it is supposed to be a lifestyle, and seek some advice from experts if necessary.

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