How do you survive a break up when you’re 30 years old. Or almost?

The old cocktail doesn’t work anymore. The get-drunk-get-laid as often and as much as possible remedy is just not something that holds any appeal. I guess it comes with age and the realization that beauty is fleeting. Something that would never occur to you when you’re just 20 and the world is a buffet. Or so they say.

Sort of drunk while writing this. Is love really worth this pain? I just don’t know anymore. And I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again. It just doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone want to go to through all this trouble?

It’s incomprehensible. Love shouldn’t be this difficult.

I know I’m not making any sense.


15 thoughts on “How do you survive a break up when you’re 30 years old. Or almost?

  1. Not very well, I guess. The window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller and smaller as time goes by.

    Cheers, anyway. Something beautiful is bound to come up when you least expect it, or so they say.

  2. hey, cheer up. don’t even think about the next love just yet. it will happen if it is meant to happen. for now, nurse that heart until it gets better. you’ll see, find will find you even if you run from it 🙂

  3. Hey, Ceej. So sorry that you are hurting. I am not 30 yet or close to being 30 but I know you will survive because human hearts are resilient. It’s okay to dwell on your pain for as long as you like because nobody’s rushing you to move on. Go about it on your own pace. It’s okay to stop trying and just focus on the things you want to focus on. Or make healing yourself a top priority. Do whatever you want. 🙂 I’m here for you if you need to talk or get wasted 😉

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