here’s what you left me

here’s what you left me

a broken heart

and a tiny constellation of warts

before you,

i never thought warts were contagious

in fact, i never thought about warts at all

you used to laugh so hard

because you tricked me into believing that warts happened naturally

that they suddenly sprouted on my skin like minuscule mushrooms

for no reason

when i found out the truth about them,

i feigned anger

because who wanted warts, after all?

but this sick, crazy voice in my head also said,

“that’s one more thing of his you’ve got,”

and i was happy

now that you’re gone

all i am left with are memories,

and these warts

funny how the weirdest things

sometimes become the most important thing of all:

your lifeline




Thinking about getting new tatts. Is it weird that I feel faint when getting an injection but not at all when getting a new tattoo? I don’t know why this is, but it’s completely illogical. I can feel the need to get inked, though. It’s like an addiction, really. I would never have thought that I could withstand the pain (I have a very low pain threshold) but I was surprised that I did. Here’s my tatt now:


I’d like to make it a full sleeve (I have another star tattoo on my hand). I dunno, it’s kind of weird seeing all these gay guys with tatts now. Back then, when I started getting tattoos, I was one of the few who had them.

Well, anyway, I haven’t really had the time to visit all of your blogs. 😦 Please don’t kill me. I will be there, tomorrow seems a bit more relaxed in terms of schedule and work and stuff.

It’s almost the weekend! Cheers!